Who am I? I am the first of five children born in a small Kentucky town to a very special mom and an abusive father, 56 years later I found myself alone in Indiana: my daughter had moved, my husband of thirty years had divorced me, and my son had passed in a horrific automobile accident. But was I really alone? Within the pages of "Troy's Miracles" is what I believe is irrefutable proof that my prayers were answered and my son remains on Earth as my special angel. This is my first book. It has helped so many find comfort after the loss of a loved one; especially mother's who need to know their child's spirit is still with them. Everyone who has read it has received a spiritual uplifting and many have been overjoyed to receive miracles of their own.

Troy's Miracles By Terry Lee Rambo

Ask God for a miracle and expect to receive it. Miraculously, it worked for me.  How? I decided that no matter what happened In my life I would "wait on God" to act.

WOG - wait on God became my motto. I trusted that He would take care of things in a much better way than I ever could. He loves us all so very much!